Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kenaz Rune

Kenaz Rune Cover Kenaz signifies a torch. It represents the light leading us in the darkness, helping us to rise from the dark depths of our spirit by knowing our selves. Seeing that fire is the element here, all aspects of this Rune are connected to physical and spiritual traits of fire. It can be the fire of creation, but also creative sexual energy. This Rune can also symbolize inspiration and understanding, that is every flash of light which can lead to enlightenment or understanding of something previously unknown to us; it can also signify the forming of a good idea in a creative sense. The inspiration Kenaz brings can be not only the creative kind but also the kind of inspiration that brings new motivation for life. Whenever your life becomes a routine Kenaz brings a breath of fresh air. The fire of artistic inspiration is strictly controlled, and the human passion must be the same; if it isn't, the relationship can become hell. Fire is connected to purification. One of the possible interpretations of this Rune is the association with cremation and it corresponding with Kano, the holy vehicle in the cult of Nerthus, Nordic Goddess of the Earth.


Positive meaning: vision, creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm, passion.

Negative meaning: blind passion, destruction, loss of vision or inspiration

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