Monday, September 27, 2010

Fehu Rune

Fehu Rune Cover This is the Rune of wealth and expansive energy. It represents a new beginning, so it is used to enable the beginning of a project. Its number is One, the number of the beginning. In its original interpretation Fehu means cattle. If we imagine an agricultural community, we will easily realize that the livestock plays a vital role in life within the community. Fehu represents possessions, earned or deserved, so it also represents material gains. Since bulls were sacrificed to Frey, which we know from some Sagas as well, we can directly connect Fehu to him, although it's often connected to his sister Freya. Seeing that Frey and Freya are fertility Gods, Fehu is also connected to this phenomenon. The aspect of Fehu must always be present in our life if we want to live it in a good way. Because if we're not materially set, if we don't have good employment or a place of residence, we can hardly advance in a spiritual way. Fehu is also connected to Gulveig, the deity of gold, i.e. material wealth. Gulveig is actually just another aspect of Freya.


Positive meaning: financial strength, power, wealth, success, fertility, new beginning.

Negative meaning: material losses, greed, sexual frustration.

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