Monday, September 27, 2010

Potentialities Of Loki

Potentialities Of Loki Cover

Book: Potentialities Of Loki by Anonymous

The figure of Loki is as fascinating as he is problematic. Jan de Vries (1933), Hilding Celander (1914) and Folke Strom (1956) characterise Loki as a 'problem', while to Anne Holtsmark (1962) he remains a 'riddle'. To this day scholars are divided on how to categorise Loki. Some call him a god, others a giant, an elf (Karl Weinhold 1849:13) or a demon, and often they do not define what they mean by these appellations .i Is Loki a demon? Or, as according to Jakob Grimm (1835) (1953:199f.), a fire elf? Does Loki's alleged 'fire nature' (Karl Simrock 1887:99) imply that he is a 'destroyer' (Karl Simrock 1887:99)? Is he 'evil' (Hermann Schneider 1938:241), the Lucifer of the North (Sophus Bugge 1881:10)? The cunning trickster (Jan de Vries 1933)? Or death (Anatoly Liberman 1992:142)? Of course, a conference presentation cannot provide answers to all of these questions, but let us concentrate briefly on one of them, Loki as 'evil'.

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