Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baldur Dream

Baldur Dream Cover

Book: Baldur Dream by Wh Auden

Baldrs draumar (Baldr's dreams) or Vegtamskvida is an Eddic poem, contained in the manuscript AM 748 I 4to. It relates information on the myth of Baldr's death in a way consistent with Gylfaginning.

Baldr has been having nightmares. Odin rides to Hel to investigate. He finds the grave of a volva and resurrects her. Their conversation follows, where the volva tells Odin about Baldr's fate. In the end Odin asks her a question which reveals his identity and the volva tells him to ride home.

The poem is one of the shortest Eddic poems, consisting of 14 fornyrdislag stanzas. Some late paper manuscripts contain about five more stanzas, those are thought to be of young origin. Sophus Bugge believed them to have been composed by the author of Forspjallsljod.

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