Monday, November 27, 2006

The Lay Of Sigrdrifa

The Lay Of Sigrdrifa Cover

Book: The Lay Of Sigrdrifa by Wh Auden

Sigrdrifumal or Brynhildarljod is one of the heroic poems of the Poetic Edda. It relates the meeting of the valkyrie Sigrdrifa with the hero Sigurdr and largely consists of Sigrdrifa's advice to him, which includes cryptic References to Norse Mythology and magical runes. The metre is fornyrdislag.

The beginning of the poem is preserved in the Codex Regius where it follows Fafnismal. The end is in the lost part of the manuscript but it is preserved in later copies. The Volsunga Saga describes the scene and contains some of the poem.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Heathen Bookhoard A Reading List

Heathen Bookhoard A Reading List Cover

Book: Heathen Bookhoard A Reading List by The Troth

At this writing, this is the only mass-market book in print by a heathen author that deals directly with today's heathen religion. Features many beautifully written prayers to the gods and goddesses. The author reviews the lore on the deities, giving a number of her own personal understandings, which not everyone will agree with, but which are always thought-provoking.

An excellent Brief Introduction to the history of runes (letters used by the Norse and Germanic peoples for both magical and mundane purposes), with lots of pictures of artifacts. Deep thinking on ethics and morals from a heathen perspective, written by a highly respected author in the heathen community.

A compendious tome of rune-lore, presenting the fruits of years of study and personal Experience With the runes. Edred has been involved in Asatru and studying the runes since the early 1980s; he has a PhD from the University of Texas. He's written many books on
runes from a heathen standpoint; Runelore emphasizes academics and theology, and FUTHARK emphasizes magic.

Download The Troth's eBook: Heathen Bookhoard A Reading List

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mannaz Rune

Mannaz Rune Cover The Rune Mannaz signifies a man and the human species in general. The impulse that manifests itself as herd instinct in animals, in humans it's the tendency to live in a group and this is one of the basic qualities of Mannaz. Belonging to a people, community, group or sports club, all of these are different shapes Mannaz appears in. In Mannaz man realizes that he's a part of humanity, his role in society and his place in the system of social Relationships. Seeing how this Rune is Connected to human relations it can be used to strengthen relationships that are based on communication, cooperation, mutual helping and support. Mannaz actually represents Gebo in a higher level, so the harmonic relation includes not only lovers or co-workers but the whole community. In his works, Tacitus mentions a Germanic God called Tuist who had a son called Mannus, so some authors connect the Rune to this deity because of the similarity of the name.


Positive meaning: friendship, support, assistance and mutual activity.

Negative meaning: helplessness, isolation, loss of connexion to people, retreating into oneself.

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Thursday, November 2, 2006

God Njord

God Njord Cover Njord is the father of Frey and Freya. He is a Vanir God who lives by the seacoast in his palace, Noatun. In ancient times, he was called upon by sailors to bless them by giving them fair winds and calm seas near shore. Even farmers living near the shore called upon him to bless their harvests. He has a bumpy Marriage with Skathi because they live separately, he by the sea and she in the mountains. Njord dwells in Noatun, by the sea, and rules the course of the wind, stills the ocean, and quenches fire. He is prayed to by fishermen and sailors. He is a Vanir, and is said to be so rich that those who desire a superfluity of wealth also pray to him. He was married to Skadhi. His sister is Nerthus, and he may have been the Original male deity sacrificed to her yearly. They are the parents also of Frey and Freya.

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