Thursday, November 2, 2006

God Njord

God Njord Cover Njord is the father of Frey and Freya. He is a Vanir God who lives by the seacoast in his palace, Noatun. In ancient times, he was called upon by sailors to bless them by giving them fair winds and calm seas near shore. Even farmers living near the shore called upon him to bless their harvests. He has a bumpy Marriage with Skathi because they live separately, he by the sea and she in the mountains. Njord dwells in Noatun, by the sea, and rules the course of the wind, stills the ocean, and quenches fire. He is prayed to by fishermen and sailors. He is a Vanir, and is said to be so rich that those who desire a superfluity of wealth also pray to him. He was married to Skadhi. His sister is Nerthus, and he may have been the Original male deity sacrificed to her yearly. They are the parents also of Frey and Freya.

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