Saturday, September 27, 2008

Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite

Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite Cover

Book: Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite by Troth Aor

Odinism is the indigenous religious faith of the Scandinavian, British and other peoples of Northern Europe; it is an amalgam of attitudes, ideas and behavior, both a personal faith and a communal way of life. In its beginnings Odinism is probably as old as our race. Historically it may be divided into three periods: Before the coming of Christianity Its gradual merging with Christianity and the ensuing Period of Dual Faith, and Its efforts in the present century to free itself of Christian influences and to reassert its ancient independence.

How have the tenets of Odinism been preserved? Is there an Odinist holy book? The ancient oral traditions of Odinism were during the Middle Ages embodied in writings, the Odinist books of wisdom, the principle of which are the Eddas. The poetic Elder Edda presents the Odinist cosmogony, the mythological lays and the heroic lays, including the story of Sigurd and Brynhild which were in later times molded into the Lay of the Nibelungs. The Younger Edda is a prose synopsis of the Odinist faith.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fire And Ice Magical Order The Brotherhood Of Saturn

Fire And Ice Magical Order The Brotherhood Of Saturn Cover

Book: Fire And Ice Magical Order The Brotherhood Of Saturn by Stephen Flowers

Since 1972, Edred Thorsson has been dedicated to the esoteric and esoteric study of the Indo-European, Celtic and Teutonic traditions. He studied Old Irish, Middle Welsh and Indo-European religion and culture at major universities in Germany and in the United States.

The Fraternitas Saturni is a Thelemite order which has shaped the modern occult scene in Germany since its foundation in 1928. This volume presents the history and doctrines of that order. Appendices include the texts of many actual rites performed by the FS as well as historical documents relating to Aleister Crowley's relations with the FS. This order is especially well-known for its use of sexual magic. This book was originally published in the early 1990s by Llewellyn under the title Fire and Ice. xii

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Fire And Ice Magical Order The Brotherhood Of Saturn

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Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore

Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore Cover

Book: Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore by Alfta Odinnsen

Northern Lore was basically an oral tradition and never written down during pagan times. It was only later written down by Christian scholars in an attempt to preserve something of their native culture. But by then, much of the oral lore was lost. Even today, we recognize that what we work with is only a small portion of the myths and lore that was once studied by the pagan scholars of Northern Europe. Thus, people who still used Runes during Christian times, had forgotten the other eight, missing Runes.

National Socialism did incorporated some elements Germanic paganism into its ideology, and used Runes extensively in its symbolic displays. But National Socialism used the Armanen Runes, which was a 20the century construct by German occultists based on the 18 standards of the Havamal (The Sayings of Har). The Havamel, along with the rest of Norse Lore, was written down from the oral tradition, by Christian scholars centuries after Northern Europe had converted to Christianity, and thus, most of the Northern Lore has been lost. This is why there are only 18 Runic spells recited in the Havamal, instead of twenty-four of the Elder Futhark. In the twentieth century, German occultists attempt to create a modern-day Runic system based on these eighteen verses, and thus created a corrupt spiritual system

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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Religion Of The Teutons

The Religion Of The Teutons Cover

Book: The Religion Of The Teutons by Chantepie De La Saussaye

THE present volume may be allowed to plead its own cause its plan and scope are explained in the Introduction. It is for critics to decide how far the author has succeeded in his task, and wherein he has failed. It is the hope of the author that his book may at all events prove useful in conveying some definite information on controverted points, the more so as the excellent work of F. B. Gummere on Germanic Origins, which is the only English work of a general character, covers for the greater part a different field.

I wish to express my gratitude to several scholars who have had considerable share in the production of this book. Without the repeated and earnest solicitation and the encouragement received from Professor Morris Jastrow, Jr., of the University of Pennsylvania, this book would not have been written. Its appearance in English is due to Professor B. J. Vos of the Johns Hopkins University, who, in view of his own deep interest in the subject, was especially qualified to undertake the translation. The first eleven chapters also published in Dutch have been carefully revised by Professor B. Symons of the University of Groningen, who has read the proof sheets with the keen eye of the specialist, and whose numerous suggestions have frequently proved of value in controlling and correcting my own views.

In the chapters devoted to mythology my obligations are less direct. I have, however, gratefully made use of the material collected in the latest and best works, and more especially of the excellent sketch of Mogk in Paul's Grundriss der germanischen Philologie. The general reader may, however, be assured that I have never accepted data without verification, and the scholar will observe that my conclusions frequently differ from those embodied in recent publications. It is my hope, also, that the historical method adopted in the work, and the endeavor to maintain a sharp distinction between what we actually know and what we do not know, may be esteemed advantages which will in a measure redeem other possible imperfections. (P. D. Chantepie de la Saussaye)

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The Secret Of The Gothick God Of Darkness

The Secret Of The Gothick God Of Darkness Cover

Book: The Secret Of The Gothick God Of Darkness by Stephen Flowers

There is a Secret God, a Hidden God, who dwells in a spiralling tower fortress and who has guided and overseen our development from time immemorial--and who has remained concealed but very close to us awaiting the "future" time of reawakening. The time of the re-awakening is near. Already we have heard the distant claps of thunder which signal the coming storm.

The legacy of the Dark Gothick God is one which can guide those chosen by him to a state of development wherein they have attained a permanent (immortal) consciousness which is free to act or not act in the material universe as it desires. This consciousness becomes privy to all manner of secrets of life and death and life in death. The price for this attainment is contained in the cost of attaining it-- for one who has been so chosen there can be no rest, no respite from the Quest which is, and remains, the Eternal Work.

Because the way in which knowledge of this Dark Gothick God is passed from generation to generation contradicts the favored methods of the so-called "major religions" of the world--the religions of the "book"--Judaism, Christianity and Islam--this knowledge and its methods have been forbidden and made increasingly tabu for all of the centuries since the cunning ideological conversion of Europe by Christianity.

Books can be burned, religious leaders can be killed--but the blood endures. (from Stephen E. Flowers)

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