Friday, September 26, 2008

Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore

Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore Cover

Book: Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore by Alfta Odinnsen

Northern Lore was basically an oral tradition and never written down during pagan times. It was only later written down by Christian scholars in an attempt to preserve something of their native culture. But by then, much of the oral lore was lost. Even today, we recognize that what we work with is only a small portion of the myths and lore that was once studied by the pagan scholars of Northern Europe. Thus, people who still used Runes during Christian times, had forgotten the other eight, missing Runes.

National Socialism did incorporated some elements Germanic paganism into its ideology, and used Runes extensively in its symbolic displays. But National Socialism used the Armanen Runes, which was a 20the century construct by German occultists based on the 18 standards of the Havamal (The Sayings of Har). The Havamel, along with the rest of Norse Lore, was written down from the oral tradition, by Christian scholars centuries after Northern Europe had converted to Christianity, and thus, most of the Northern Lore has been lost. This is why there are only 18 Runic spells recited in the Havamal, instead of twenty-four of the Elder Futhark. In the twentieth century, German occultists attempt to create a modern-day Runic system based on these eighteen verses, and thus created a corrupt spiritual system

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