Monday, May 31, 2010

Seven Basic Techniques For Practicing Asatru Magic

Seven Basic Techniques For Practicing Asatru Magic Cover Runecraft – working with Runes. Studying the Runes through their meanings, Mythology &c. Meditations about their shapes, names &c.

Galdr – singing or reciting of magical chants. This practice is based on the Knowledge of the Runes, which explains the division of the Nordic magic into seidr and galdr. Today, that would signify ritual music through specific laws of rhythm and harmony. Using poluphony was always a trait of magical music (let us not forget Christan chorals). It can also be achieved by saying the names of the Runes in a particular way – by vibrating.

Hamfarir – connected to traveling outside the body in the form of an animal. Odin often used this kind of magic when he had to do a job that demanded a long journey. This way he would do the job more quickly, by simply lying in his bed, sending his spirit into a certain animal.

Nidhstang – making of the ‘Cursing Pole’. The pole would be made from a piece of wood with a horse’s head attached at the top, and the pole would be directed to whoever was going to be cursed.

Seidr – connected to sexual magic, spells &c.

Spa – prohesying.

Utiseta – a practice during which a vitkar (or volva) sits alone outside, in the dark, with no fire, and Contacting the dead or some other entities.

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