Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dagaz Rune

Dagaz Rune Cover Dagaz signifies the security provided by daylight and day in general. Day is the time when we can see normally and face an enemy, when we can normally do our business. There are no more obstacles in front of us. Dagaz is the end of the Futhark cycle seeing that by the old calculations, day began when people came home to dinner after work. Othala is also the completion of the whole journey, but it contains within itself the seed of a new beginning; it's actually a gate a person goes through to achieve a higher level of existence. As such, it is in no way the end of a journey, but it gives a certain stability and fortifies positions we've reached through the Futhark. Dagaz is a very positive Rune, a Rune which promises a new beginning and gives us hope for a better future (“dawning of a new day”). Dagaz is the level in which the conscious finally awakens and comes to self-realization. The Rune is used to achieve positive results and to help in difficult times.


Positive meaning: awakening, security, hope, optimism, achieving one's goals.

Negative meaning: hopelessness, loss of ideals, loss of satisfaction.

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