Friday, February 17, 2006

The Nordic Runes

The Nordic Runes Cover I know that I hung on Yggdrasil
For nine nights long
Wounded by spear
Consecrated to Odin
Myself a sacrifice to myself
Upon that tree
The wisest know not the roots
of ancient times whence it sprang.

None brought me bread
None gave me mead
Down to the depths I searched
I took up the Runes
Raised them with song
And from that tree I fell.

Runes you shall know, and readable staves,
Very powerful staves,Very great staves
Graven by the mighty one who speaks
Carved by the highest hosts

Odin among the Aesir,
Dvalin (sleeper) among dwarfs,
Dain (dead) among alfs,
Alvitter (all-knowing) among etins,
I myself carved some for mankind

The following are not recomendations, Alfather commands you to know the following if you are asatruar.

Know how to carve, know how to read,
know how to stain, know how to understand,
know how to ask, know how to offer,
know how to evoke, know how to sacrifice.

The Runes go back when time began, we of asatru have set a date from when the first Futhark was discovered 2253 years ago. This is known as the Runic Era which places us to date in the year 2253 R.E..

asatruar have always lived in close harmony with the environment, the seasonal and stellar cycles, their Gods and Goddesses, and their ancestors. These forces come together in the mysterious symbols known as Runes. The word Rune means a secret or a whisper. Runes are magical tools for both divination and spell casting.

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