Saturday, February 25, 2006

Isa Rune

Isa Rune Cover Isa translates as “ice” and the interpretations of this Rune are almost always negative. Whenever one's blocked in life, whether it's an emotional, sexual or even a financial block, it's ruled by the force contained in Isa. Therefore, Isa is the state of stagnation and one's inability to move psychologically, which often causes sadness and depression. One needs lots of strength to overcome Isa, which is evident from the physical characteristics of ice. Isa's action prevents any possible movement, be it phychological or physical; it also blocks the action of other Runes which are opened with Isa in divination. This Rune is also connected to the Ego which can be the source of stagnation. Isa is actually a representation of a frozen state in which hides the germ of life. A mind in the state of stagnation actually hides within itself the possibility of spiritual progress, possibilities that can be accomplished with extraordinary effort, but is in no way unattainable. Regardless of its alleged negativity, Isa can be a very useful Rune. As a magical image it's used to stop some processes as well as to stabilize a current state of affairs.


Positive meaning: possibility of overcoming, blockage of negative processes (sickness, spiritual degeneration).

Negative meaning: egotism, psychological and physical numbness, standstill.

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