Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Armanen Runes

Armanen Runes Cover

Book: Armanen Runes by Karl Hans Welz

Rune Magic is extra power for you! It is ancient technology. You can use this extraordinary method now by harnessing the Ur-energies (original energies) of the universe. These energies provide you with your personal gate to the powers of creation !!!

Using the creative powers of the Runes for your psychic development and spiritual advancement, you can naturally gain control of love, money, business, sports, status, and life itself.

- You can harness the powers of Runeyoga to control the flow of life force for stamina, endurance, and an abundance of creative mental and physical energy.
- The Basic Rune Course leads you on your path to become a Rune Master.
- The Rune Reading Course is an introduction to the art of reading the Runes!
- Become a member of the Knights of Runes!
- The Rune Magic Book - basic information about the Armanen Runes .
- The Rune Ceremonial Book - an introduction.

Because of their power, Runes or Rune-like symbols, have been part of religious systems in the past as well as they are in present times. Therefore Runes cannot be considered to be the "proprietary system" of any specific religious creed, even if they were or are an important part of such a creed. Keep in mind that THE BASIC TECHNOLOGIES OF RUNE MAGIC ARE INDEPENDENT FROM ANY RELIGIOUS BELIEF STRUCTURE. TRUE RUNE MASTERS encourage incorporation of Runic practice in any religious system, provided that its teachings and actions encompass tolerance and love. We know that RUNES ARE FOR EVERY INTELLIGENT BEING IN THE UNIVERSE! The Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes are a symbolism that represents universal cosmic structures.

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