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Northern Mysteries And Magick Runes And Feminine Powers

Northern Mysteries And Magick Runes And Feminine Powers Cover

Book: Northern Mysteries And Magick Runes And Feminine Powers by Freya Aswynn

In the global scheme of mystery traditions, cultures from most countries have their own current mythos, yet northern shamanism conspicuously lacks representation in contemporary spiritual practice. Northern Mysteries and Magick fills this gap by unearthing the ancient Nordic pantheon, examining the meanings and interrelations of the earliest 24 runes, known as the "Elder Futhark," and exploring the often overlooked feminine aspects of Northern mythology. [A separately sold] CD [Songs of Yggdrasil: Shamanic Chants from the Northern Mysteries] hearkens back to tribal storytellers and replaces the vital aural component missing from our paper-based society. Freya Aswynn's accent lends a crisp consonance to her powerful performances as she invokes the old gods of an icy clime. Waking this pantheon from its long slumber, Aswynn extrapolates a natural course of evolution for the Northern tradition and synthesizes it into a magical tradition suitable for the contemporary practitioner. --Brian Patterson

Bring the power of the ancient runes into your life for divination and magic with Northern Mysteries & Magick (revised edition of Leaves of Yggdrasil) by Freya Aswynn.

The runes are more than an ancient alphabet. They comprise a powerful system of divination and a path to the subconscious forces operating in your life. Northern Mysteries & Magick is the only book of Nordic magick written by a woman, and it is the first to offer an extensive presentation of rune concepts, mythology, and magical applications inspired by Dutch/Friesian traditional lore.

Also unique in this book is the inclusion of the feminine Mysteries of the North. You'll learn how they are represented in the runes. You will see how each of the major deities of Northern Europe still lives in the collective consciousness of people of Northern European descent.

- A complete analysis of the Elder Futhark Runes and their meanings
- How to use the runes for divination including several rune spreads
- Using the runes in magick
- Rune charms and power sigils
- Shamanic drumming and chanting
- Profiles of the eight major Gods
- The Northern Feminine mysteries featuring four major goddesses

If you are into runes or Scandinavian mythology and mysteries then it is easy to see why "Northern Mysteries and Magick Runes And Feminine Powers" is so popular. Starting with a short piece on the northern tradition in perspective, it proceeds quickly into a detailed section on runes. For each rune it gives the Germanic, Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse names, the phonetic value and the traditional meaning as well as an illustration of the rune. Beneath this there is a detailed analysis of the rune in terms of the culture of the time, it's derivation when known, other words it is associated with, how it was related to specific Norse gods and myths, and various other pieces of information as appropriate. While the information is detailed the writing style is not very technical in nature and so creates a flowing, easy to follow read that anyone can understand.

Following this section is an excellent piece on runic divination including the nine worlds of Nordic mythology and how they relate to the conscious. Divination methods discussed include the basic fourfold wheel and the more detailed eightfold wheel techniques. This is followed by a very informative section on runic magic and traditional magic techniques and beliefs. Each of the traditional Scandinavian gods is presented with a detailed profile that includes their name in Norse, English, Dutch, and German, their primary element, secondary element, color, number, totem animals, personal sigils, magical items, the purpose for which they are typically invoked and the runes used for them.

The book ends with a chapter on feminine mysteries that includes a short piece on the practice of Seith (mostly the casting spells and enchantments), an examination of Odin and how he related to the feminine mysteries, and detailed profiles of the feminine gods such as Frigga and Freyja. For those who are interested in runes, northern magic beliefs and systems, or just a detailed account of how runes and magic were used historically and what they meant to the people of that time it is a highly recommended read.

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