Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nauthiz Rune

Nauthiz Rune Cover Nauthiz is need. It can be physical or psychological, true or false. It's very important to recognize which are our real needs, and which aren't. One could say that this Rune is quite unstable because it's between desire and need, i.e. between what we have and what we don't have. This lack of balance is indicated even by the Rune's shape, with its upper line reminiscent of a see-saw whose balance is off. Because of this Nauthiz often signifies frustrations that come about when we hit a road-block. This resistance can come from the outside world, or from within us, no matter whether we're aware of the obstacles we create ourselves. Nied is always there when we run into something that we can't overcome, something that requires a great amount of effort to overcome. Nauthiz also tells you whether you're going in the wrong direction and that it's time to try something else. Some Authors connect this Rune to the Nornas seeing how it's the Rune of Fate.


Positive meaning: duty, necessity, focus.

Negative meaning: delays, resistance, conflict, defeat.

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