Thursday, September 23, 2010

Asatru As A Religion

Asatru As A Religion Cover Asatru is a serious, modern religion inspired by historical knowledge of the past, but adapted to our current conditions. It seeks to enhance the spiritual connection of the past, present and future and to make the Gods and goddesses of our ancestors relevant to daily life in today’s world. As a Godhi, you will have the important responsibility of promoting Asatru and helping people experience this spirituality by following their ancestral religion.

Asatru is not a role-playing game. It is not a dress-up game. It is not an opportunity to fantasize about being a Viking or recreating a society that existed a thousand years ago. We want to avoid make-believe weekend Viking role-playing and rather bring a spiritual vision and guidance leading our people to goodness and prosperity in Midgard and to a communion with their Gods, Goddesses and ancestors. Additionally, we are preparing the way for future generations. These are solemn tasks that require focus and seriousness.

Asatru is derived from a deep understanding of the practices and beliefs of our ancestors. It is not just "made up." There is a strong historical basis for just about everything in Asatru. It has been said that "Asatru is the religion with homework" because there's so much to learn about in rediscovering the spiritual ways of our ancestors. To do this, we are learning about and reconstructing past beliefs and practices and then adapting those beliefs and practices to the modern world. The various readings in this course will guide you through a lot of historical literature. Additionally, there are readings, which are modern syntheses of those historical ideas into Contemporary practices.

Asatru is not part of a larger "Pagan" religious grouping which includes religions such as Wicca or other foreign or eclectic paths. We do not welcome their influences. Admittedly, we have some of our modern origins with some of those groups, but our values differ significantly. Whereas they revel in universalist pantheism, as polytheists we have set forth a path which reverently places our own Gods and Goddesses at the forefront while leaving foreign ways behind. Asatru is not a Universalist religion. It does not seek universal salvation for all human beings. What it seeks to do is help the individual find meaning and spirituality in their gods and goddesses in Asgard, their folk in Midgard and their ancestral roots.

Asatru is a Folk or Ethnic religion; we believe that our Gods and Goddesses have a special affection for us because we are their descendents. We believe that our gods and goddesses are our oldest ancestors, that our ancestry is good, and that we must promote our unique and special ancestral identity and culture into an enduring future. Consequently, we believe that we have a responsibility to promote a Folk existence, which is more important than anything else in Midgard.

Ethically, Asatru holds high regard for both the individual and ethnic folk. It is not a self-denying religion; we want the Individual to discover their personal strengths, weaknesses and insights, but to also willingly apply them for the good of the folk. Asatru is also a life-embracing spirituality, which does not merely prepare the individual for an afterlife. We seek to apply ourselves to accomplish great things, to live a worthy and full life and experience the joy of our time in Midgard.

But, there are many ways of looking at Asatru as a religion. We can compare and contrast it with other religions. We can describe it as we see it today. We can describe it as we’d like to see it. We can describe it as it is practiced individually. We can describe it as it’s practiced in groups. Looking at it in these various ways will help us better understand the many aspects of modern Asatru.

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