Sunday, September 26, 2010

Asatru And Neopaganism

Asatru And Neopaganism Cover Though it is sometimes lumped together with "Neopagan" religions, Asatru is of a different character from the mainstream of Neopaganism. It is not based on "new" material; it is based firmly and foremost on historical records and the copious data we have preserved regarding the mythical and cultural underpinnings of pre-Christian society and religion.

Ironically, it was the Icelanders who, after their nominal conversion, first recorded and wrote down the stories and sagas of Heathen days, thus assuring their survival. The Icelanders, unlike others, were never ashamed of their Heathen past. A constant and recognized tradition of historical folk-belief and folk-custom also helps to refine the shape, beliefs, and practices of Asatru. Neopaganism often appears as synonymous with movements and beliefs like theosophy, cultural and moral relativism, monism, liberalism, Goddess worship, feminism and radical environmentalism and the like, but Asatru is not associated with those things as a whole.

Some Asatruar may study those things or consider them important, but the Heathen faith-movement as a whole is not entangled with the "new agey" elements that characterize most Neopagan faiths. Asatruar also do not tend to be as politically liberal as other Neopagans. Asatru has a deep respect and veneration for Nature itself- the earth itself is believed to be the body of a Goddess, and many sacred beings are believed to dwell within nature as a whole, but this does not mean that Asatru may be simply lumped in with radical environmentalists or nature-worshipers. The situation is a bit more subtle than that.

Asatruar largely reject the general Neopagan belief that "All Gods are one God"- Asatru is now, and always was, a truly Polytheistic faith. There are traditions of sorcery and mysticism to be found in historical Asatru as well as in modern Asatru- but unlike the Neopagan world which seems to be largely fixated on "magic" and things of that nature, this is not the main focus of the spiritual or religious lives of most Asatruar.

It is well known that most Neopagan religions tend to haphazardly blend and mix all manner of cultural religious features (like Gods, beliefs, and mystical techniques) from east and west into a chaotic blend of metaphysical hodge-podge; Asatruar are, like all reconstructionists, against the disrespectful and immature appropriation of spiritual and metaphysical ideas from other cultures. Asatruar have their own Gods and Goddesses- those of their own Ancestors- and their own historically-attested ways and beliefs. And these are all they need.

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