Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ansuz Rune

Ansuz Rune Cover Ansuz is the Rune of the Asir Gods, most of all Odin as their leader. As we know, Odin is the God of word magic and it's Ansuz that represents the word as a fully formed unit of energy. The process of control we commenced with Uruz is here completed by controlling the energy, be it physical or psychological. Therefore, Ansuz is the Rune of the king – the absolute ruler. In the Runic poem Ansuz is also connected to the word, it's the “source of all tongues” and the “pillar of wisdom”. Because of it Ansuz can be used to better one's eloquence, to put chaotic thoughts into order. Even though Ansuz represents the goal we reached through Uruz and Thurisaz, this goal is fickle because establishing absolute control is not the peak of spiritual development. Even though a person is now capable of controlling one's life and circumstances, one still has a lot to learn and the spiritual journey is nowhere near its end.
Even though this is the Rune of wisdom and the Rune of Odin as the searcher of wisdom, in its negative meaning it can be the Rune of illusion, and as such it's connected to Loki.


Positive meaning: enthusiasm, power of words, truth, wisdom, inspiration.

Negative meaning: not understanding, being manipulated, dogma, loss of control.

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