Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wunjo Rune

Wunjo Rune Cover This is the Rune of joy and pleasure, celebration and absolute lack of suffering. While making Runic talismans or in general – connecting Runes – Wunjo is often placed in the end because of its stability. Wunjo also symbolizes resting from a long journey, be it physical or the psychological one, i.e. the journey of spiritual evolution. It's also Valhalla as the end of life's journey for a warrior. Perfection is also connected to this Rune, the Rune that signifies the completion of a project or undertaking. The summit, satisfying one's goal.
Seeing how Wunjo is at the end of first aett, it signifies the completion of the first stage of spiritual development followed by the first temptation – Hagalaz. Wunjo is also the end of a life cycle, whether it's an age at the end of which we reap the fruits of experience, or a long running project we're ending. Peace, success, fulfilment and self satisfaction.


Positive meaning: joy, harmony, spiritual reward, accomplishing a goal.

Negative meaning: sorrow, estrangement, delirium, impractical enthusiasm.

Wunjo is the end of the first Aett, known as Frey's aett. The next aett belongs to Hel, or according to others, to Heimdal.

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