Thursday, September 23, 2010

Asatru The Nordic Subtradition Of The Verbena

Asatru The Nordic Subtradition Of The Verbena Cover

Book: Asatru The Nordic Subtradition Of The Verbena by Anders Sandberg

The Verbena have always been regional, and differ much from area to area. In Scandinavia, the Verbena have been the protectors of the old religion and the old ways against the tide of Christianity and the Technocracy. Actually, the Verbena was behind the Old Faith of Asatru which ruled before Christianity. Asatru means the "belief in the Aesir", the old pagan gods.

During the pre-Christian times they were the priests and counselled the leaders about the will of the gods. Their magick was devoted to practical things like helping the crops, fishing and hunting, protecting the people from wild animals and worse, controlling the weather and protecting the universe from the forces which sought to bring about Ragnarok, the destruction of the world.

During this time magick was more common than today, and most people knew a few minor magics. These were often of a simple protective nature and used to protect against spirits, the faeries, the dead, injuries, accidents and bad luck. These magics consistedoften in inscribing a special rune (The runic alphabet was regarded as magical, and to be able to inscribe runes was regarded as a kind of magic), or singing the galders, songs sung in a high-pitched voice. These rotes were passed down through generations, or givento people by the priests or sibyls. All in all, minor magic seems to have been quite common, a bit like how most people today know a few tricks with technology.

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