Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Lessons Of Asgard

The Lessons Of Asgard Cover

Book: The Lessons Of Asgard by Asatru Free Assembly

This collection of essays appeared over a span of almost two years in "The Runestone". Dealing as it does with the lessons to be learned from the Norse gods, it is a companion volume to The Values of Asatru. Together these booklets provide a good introduction to those who want to know how to lead their lives according to the principles of our ancient faith.

In out! little homilies we have tried to examine the gods as they affect our conduct in the real world. We have avoided the deeper symbolic implications of our deities, preferring to deal with them as models showing us how to live. It is perhaps too easy to say that Odin
exhorts us to learning and Thor urges us to strength, so we have tried to see ane step beyond that level, studying in greater detail the implications of the gods' values and specifically how we can apply them to our lives.

Odin, Thor, Freya and all the others are examples for us to emulate as we deal with our own personal circumstances. As we have said, they are models. Appreciating them on this level is important to those who follow Asatru, but it is only part of their significance. Beyond the role model is a numinous, logic-defying reality, something apprehended only by means of symbols, something that speaks to us on deeper levels where words are inadequate and linear reasoning breaKS down. Studying the gods, immersing ourselves in their lore, can gradually put us in touch with those realms of spirit and we can all add richness and power to our religious lives by tapping this ancient, non-verbal wisdom.

But - one step at a time. Let each of us try to live the lessons of the gods in our lives. In doing this we can eventually tune in to the deeper realities - and in the process, transform ourselves and the society in which we live.(Stephen A. McNallen, Breckenridge, Texas)

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