Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Anglo Saxon Sagas

The Anglo Saxon Sagas Cover

Book: The Anglo Saxon Sagas by Daniel Haigh

Daniel Henry Haigh (7 August 1819 — 10 May 1879) was a noted Victorian scholar of Anglo-Saxon history and literature, as well as a runologist and numismatist.

Although Haigh did not have any formal academic training, he dedicated himself to the study of Anglo-Saxon history and literature, and wrote two influential works on Anglo-Saxon history, The Anglo-Saxon Sagas and The Conquest of Britain by the Saxons, both published in 1861. He also wrote several monographs on Anglo-Saxon Numismatics, and a number of studies of Anglo-Saxon runic inscriptions. However, his transcriptions and interpretations of runic monuments have been criticized by Raymond Page as "often erratic, showing an eagerness to find runes where none exist". He also studied Egyptian hieroglyphs and Assyrian Cuneiform inscriptions, contributing several Articles to Zeitschrift fur Agyptische Sprache und Alterthumskunde.

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