Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Asatru As A Life Embracing Religion

Asatru As A Life Embracing Religion Cover One characteristic of many other religions is the fact that they see life on Earth as messy and something to get away from. Christians reject their Earthly life as base and full of evil and temptation to be avoided; buddhist seek to get off the wheel of life once and for all. The key activity in most of these religions is the rejection of enjoyment in life while preparing ones soul for the afterlife. Often, one sacrifices in this life for ensuring a better afterlife. In this way, they are life rejecting.

Asatru is not life-rejecting; it does not say that our life is base. Rather we embrace life, its triumphs, trials and conflicts and see that a person who meets all of these things in high spirits is truly worthy and deserves reverence. We don’t think that weakness is better than strength. We do believe that success and victory in life are worthy things to strive for. We are not born into a life of sin which we must overcome; rather, we are descendents of gods who can achieve great things with our lives if we but set our mind and will to do so. In this way, Asatru is life embracing.

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