Monday, September 6, 2010

Goddess Sif

Goddess Sif Cover Sif is Thor’s wife, and her golden hair is as beautiful as the wind-blown silk of ripening corn or a golden sea of grain. She is a harvest Goddess who can be called on for blessings of abundance. Sif is Goddess of the crops. She was said to have beautiful hair, which Loki is said to have cut off. But cutting off a woman's hair was a Norse punishment for adultery, and many scholars agree that this was a gentler way Christian scribes recorded the myth. They say it is quite likely Loki slept with Sif, and Thor found out, and things were not right again until Loki got the dwarfs to make her a new head of hair. This would likely be a yearly cycle, where Sif is Thor's wife in the summer, and her hair is the plant life of the world. In the winter she becomes Loki's lover, and is shorn of her hair, and the plants of the world die.

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