Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thurisaz Rune

Thurisaz Rune Cover Thurisaz means thorn, and it's Connected to giants and trolls. This Rune can be considered as the heart of the giant Hrungnir, which, according to legend, was shaped like this Rune, sharp and triangular. It was Thor who killed this giant; it's well known that this God was the greatest enemy and killer of these beings. Because of it the positive aspect of this Rune is connected to Thor, protector of the Universe, the Most Powerful among all men and Gods; on the other hand, the negative aspects of Thurisaz is connected to giants – chaotic forces of nature. Thurisaz represents an even larger degree of control than the one in Uruz, so Thurisaz can symbolize discipline and directed energy. This Rune is used to overcome obstacles, its action is penetrating, as suggested by the Rune's shape and the form of the thorn. It can also be used for assault or defence because Thurisaz is the Rune of protection and destruction. Thor's battles with giants actually represent the conflicts of these forces – an offensive one and a defensive one, both being potent and aggressive.


Positive meaning: reactive force, male sexuality, need for change, self-discipline.

Negative meaning: loss of control, danger, betrayal, an insurmountable obstacle.

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