Thursday, August 20, 2009

Becoming A Gothi

Becoming A Gothi Cover If you already belong to a Kindred, you're off to a good start. If not, you must found your own. Tough work, but again part of the job. You are fortunate, though, that there is an Alliance of Independent Kindreds who aid those like yourself in forming Kindreds. Contact us, let us know your intentions and little bit about yourself. Perhaps we can help you in finding others in your general area who are looking for Kindred contact, but don't quite have what it takes to take the initiative to actually form a Kindred. You must then use your Gods' given skills and talents to seek these people out and START that Kindred. I am not going to discuss how to form a Kindred in great detail at this time. It will be the subject of my next installment in this series of articles. For now, let's return to the subject of becoming a Gothi.

However noble the concept of a Gothar course may sound, it is a waste of time if you don't have instinctively what it takes. The world is full of people with Masters Degrees who were the best of students, but can't apply knowledge to the real world. So, although it is a must to learn all that you can about our Gods, Folk, Heritage, and Lore, if you are incapable or lack the people skills to form a Kindred, serve the Folk, and profess the faith of our ancestors to the world, you're in the same boat as the guy with the Masters Degree working at the convenience mart as a clerk. What good will be your certificate of graduation from the Gothar course be if no one respects you for such? The course is but one step in your personal evolution as a priest of the Folk. You must earn the respect of your Kindred and the Asatru Community. You must set an example for the Folk by living your life with honor and dignity. Responsibility and personal integrity are keys to earning that respect. As I said earlier in this article, you must be totally devoted, and live your life accordingly.

Books in PDF format to read:

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