Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome To The Troth Honoring The Northern Tradition

Welcome To The Troth Honoring The Northern Tradition Cover

Book: Welcome To The Troth Honoring The Northern Tradition by The Troth

The Troth is dedicated to exploring, practicing and promoting the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic peoples, who include the English, Norwegians, Icelanders, Swedes and Germans, among others. This religion is known by various names including Asatru, Heathenry, the Elder Troth, and others. There are many variations in beliefs and practices within this faith, and many ways of describing and classifying these differences. One thing we all share a defining personal loyalty to, or "Troth" with, the gods and goddesses of the Northlands, such as Odin, Thor, Frigga, Freyja and many others. We also have a deep respect for our Germanic religious, cultural and historical heritage; and a strong determination to practice the moral principles followed by our noble predecessors, including Courage, Truth, Honor, Loyalty, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-reliance, and Steadfastness.

In order to help modern Heathens better to understand and practice the Elder Troth, we publish a quarterly journal, Idunna, and carry on other publishing projects. The best-known such project to date is Our Troth, a collective work of over 700 pages incorporating the research, thought and experience of many Troth members and friends, currently available online. Back issues of Idunna are available, and we also publish pamphlets covering several aspects of practicing Heathenry in contemporary society, including a Heathen’s Almanac, due out in Fall 2003.

In addition to publishing activities, the Troth conducts a training program for prospective Heathen clergy, incorporating study, training and experience in lore knowledge, theology, ceremonial practice, group organization, and counseling, and leading to certification after an extensive evaluation and final examination.

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