Friday, August 21, 2009

Oath Ring For Gothi

Oath Ring For Gothi Cover However, just as important to the Gothi, is the Oath Ring. The Book of Settlements, written in Iceland to describe the Godic Republic, says; "A Ring of a prescribed size should be placed on the altar in every Main Temple. The Gothi of that temple should carry that Ring on his wrist to all regular Things, where he should conduct the procedures. Before that he should wash the Ring in the blood of a bull he had sacrificed himself." Here we learn the importance of both the Ring and the Bowli. I might note here that a surviving 1,600 year old Ring of the Goths with runic inscription still survives, crafted in solid gold. The Ring is brought to all Kindred functions, and is worn by the Gothi at all Blots and Sumbels as a service to the Folk who may wish to take a sacred oath. I know that it may be impossible for some to procure a gold or silver Oath Ring, myself included, but some type of Ring must be used. Mine is made of brass and has served our Kindred for over ten years.

We know from the Myths, that Thorr blessed the funeral pyre of Baldur with his Hammer. We also know from the Sagas that Thorr's Hammer was used to bless brides, babies, and the Folk. A ritual sized Hammer is also a must. Mine was a gift from my foster father, and is hand carved from cherry wood. It has served me and the Folk well for twenty years. The Hammer is also used in some Blot is for the banishing ritual, and later to bless the Feast. I have seen some Gothis use a sledgehammer purchased from the hardware store, and I know of some prison Kindreds who use a rubber Hammer. Again, what is important here is the symbolism, and the power in the blessing projected by the Gothi. Improvise!

The last of the most important implements is the Stalli, Old Norse for altar. We have a stalli made of stone at our Hof, and I know of many who have constructed Stallis in their sacred groves. The Stalli, of course, is the focal point of the Blot, and holds the necessary implements used during the service. I have also used a simple folding camp table, which has served me well, both during the Blot, and the ritual Feast to follow.

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