Friday, September 11, 2009

Odinism In White Supremacist Tattoos

Odinism In White Supremacist Tattoos Cover Tattoos are an increasingly popular way to express beliefs and identity—and those within the Odinic white supremacist movement are no exception to this trend. White supremacy message boards and websites over flow with advice about where and what kinds of tattoos to get to express belief in the supremacy of white people. Advice ranges from the more conservative end of the spectrum—warnings to get the tattoos in places easy to hide in case one is pulled over or simply wants to lay low in his supremacist beliefs—to people encouraging others to be loud and proud about their heritage. Many of their designs combine traditional Norse images (such as Thor’s hammer or Odin’s ravens, even runes) with more modern white supremacist themes (swastikas or even the symbols of various white supremacist groups). Some recommend simply Norse-themed tattoos without any other obvious symbols as a way to fly under radar—other white supremacists will recognize the message, while people not in the loop will simply see a cool design.

The following tattoos were all pictures posted on vairous white supremacist message boards or websites as examples of tattoos that would show racial pride and a belief in the inherent supremacy of white people. They all contain elements of Norse mythology and belief in a warrior culture.

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