Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wotan The Road To Valhalla

Wotan The Road To Valhalla Cover

Book: Wotan The Road To Valhalla by Kveldulfr Hagan Gundarsson

This book could not have been written without those great skalds of the Viking Age who showed us the road to Valhalla: Eyvindr skaldaspillir, the Eiriksmal poet, and Egill Skalla-Grimsson. To them and their fellows I am endlessly grateful; also, to Snorri Sturluson, whose writings preserved so much of Wotan's lore. In more recent times, I owe special thanks to Hector Munro Chadwick and Jan de Vries, whose work has inspired much of my own. Great thanks are also due to those living folk who helped with the research and writing of this book. The thesis research on which Wotan is based could not have taken place without the kindness of those notable scholars, Professor Dr. Karl Hauck and Dr. H.R. Ellis-Davidson (to whose excellent book The Road to Hel the title of this work pays homage) and the assistance of my Cambridge supervisor Paul Bibire. In addition, I must thank Freya Aswynn, Diana Paxson, Jim Lovette, Melodi Lammond, Jennifer Holliman, William West, Garman Lord, and Mrs. Virginia Clarke, as well as all those modern-day followers of the Norse Gods with whom I have spoken and worshipped for the past twelve years, and Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers (Edred Thorsson), whose writings have been one of the chief forces leading to a revived interest in Wotan and the forgotten Treasures of native Scandinavian culture.

Finally, I must offer my own thanks to Wotan himself - Valhalla's lord, god of death and memory, who gives the mead's gold to his true thanes, that their staves be more lasting than the runes carven on memorial stones. May the Old Man continue to inspire us and show us the way between the worlds: the road to Valhalla.

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