Thursday, September 24, 2009

Asatru As A Spiritual Way

Asatru As A Spiritual Way Cover Spirituality arises from our knowledge of our self and the universe and our place in the universe while attaining a comfort with this reality. It is the feeling one gets as one sees meaningful patterns, completeness and purpose in ones life and actions.

Asatru, with its many different facets offers a strongly spiritual way. It can bring meaning and significance to our life through its lore and rituals. From these, we gain realizations about and experience enduring patterns of time. We gain better understanding of ourselves by understanding these cycles of time and through knowing the intergenerational realities of ancestry and folk. As we venerate and accept these cycles of life we see purpose in our existence. As we understand ancestral and folk patterns, we come to understand that we have a place and a role in time.

The seriousness and reverence of our rituals and ceremonies can be strong tools in helping us experience our spirituality. Whether through our own runic meditations, community blots, observing the growth of the young, studying our cosmology and psychology or through a myriad other activities, we gain deeper understanding of the enduring patterns in the universe and bring about a spiritual peace.

In this way, as we study the lore, ourselves, and understand our role in Asatru, we come to know the nature of the universe and find deep meaning in the center of our soul.

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