Monday, September 14, 2009

Uruz Rune

Uruz Rune Cover Uruz signifies the ancient beast aurox, similar to a buffalo. In his work De Bello Gallico, Julius Caesar described these animals as smaller than an elephant, the shape and colour of a bull. They were Extremely strong, swift and dangerous beasts of Northern Europe that are now, unfortunately, extinct; the easiest way to hunt them down was by covered holes in the ground. The proof of a caught animal were the enormous horns that were later used for drinking. Aurox is a symbol of wild, untamed nature as well as raw natural strength. But this strength can be tamed and used, so Uruz, among others, is also the Rune of the hunter.
As we already know, in the olden days hunting was an exam of maturity and a sort of initiation; all these aspects are contained in Uruz. It's also the sexual energy as a primary force of nature. Besides the aurox, Uruz is als Connected to Audhumla, the cosmic cow that created life in our Universe. Uruz is used to reawaken energy, especially in people who's lacking in energy (a sick of depressed person). This Rune can also be used to bolster one's will.


Positive meaning: strength, potential, freedom, acitivity, health.

Negative meaning: weakness, misdirected strength, disease, violence, rashness.

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