Friday, December 4, 2009

Were You Born With Psychic Abilities

Were You Born With Psychic Abilities Image
Are some people born with psychic abilities.? The quickest answer is yes, however all of us have traits to some extent, we just do not see it.. In this post i wanted to focus on how to deal with these traits. To many being born with psychic abilities sounds fun, however in reality it can be quite frightening to those that are really having them and not sure what they are.

So let's begin, like anyone being born with a gift, some people are gifted with music, some with singing and some with whatever you can throw out there.. The same goes with psychic traits.


Some people have the psychic trait thrown at them, they may see ghosts, they may be able to hear voices, they also may be able to predict the future or know where lost items are and many more.. These are just some to name.. However did they choose this ability, did they want to hear voices or see ghosts or what ever it is? Was it a choice or decision already made.

"The truth is some have to open doors over time to the psychic world, while some already have them open."

The first thing one wants to do in this circumstance is try not to fear it, first off. This will not help, it will just make you more upset each experience you have. Secondly work out your main psychic trait. And thirdly and lastly see another psychic in that area of ability to help better understand your condition. You may be lost with what you have, however many others would have been where you are now and can help you with your condition.


1. ) Do not fear, fear is not constructive and can even make you contact negative forces.

2. ) Work out your main Psychic Trait in question.

3. ) See another well known psychic with the same traits for better understanding of your condition for using or controlling..

"Being Psychic is not like X-men or the Movies, it is more like an extra sense.. It is an experience inside that has changed many peoples lives across the world. "


The last one is so important for those trying to control the experience in particular for those that may think they are crazy when in reality they are not. In particular with seeing ghosts, so many people have in there minds seeing has to be a hallucination so they may see many doctors, get tests done to no avail..

This is not saying, to not see doctors to check if it is not some medical condition, this is just saying that once that is ruled (all medical cleared) out then that's when you can evaluate the psychic option. And I can tell you, there are plenty of psychics out there, ranging from mediums to healers to future tellers etc.. All of them had to go through a transition of sorts to trust there own psychic abilities and to understand themselves.


So in conclusion if you were born with a Psychic ability try not to see it like a weakness, instead try to see it like it is you. Your view on this amazing world. This is what makes you, you. Excepting and understanding can go a long way.