Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nazis And Odinism

Nazis And Odinism Cover “Many individuals who were involved in the rise of Hitler’s Third Reich were known to have been Odinists” (Baysinger). Although the extent to which Hitler and Nazis were involved in Odinism or its modern revival is controversial, there is ample evidence of a connection between Nazism and Odinism.

Neo-Nazis are not like the Nazis of World War II. Although they maintain the same practice of recruiting young, the reject many “traditional” Nazi ideas—for instance, while the Nazis of WWII Germany were proud to have discovered the “ultimate solution,” Nazis of today deny the Holocaust even happened. Nazism is becoming more linked with mysticism as well as Odinism as time goes on.

The biggest thing connecting Odinism with Nazism is the fact that Nazism is shedding its nationalist focus in favor of a racial one. While Hitler spoke of the German People, Nazis employing Odinism today speak of the White Race or Norse People—attributes that can span countries, even continents. With the ultimate goal of a transcontinental white only country, this is an important move to make.

Odinism and Nazism are clearly not mutually exclusive, and have a developing relationship that will have an important impact on the direction that the white supremacy movement takes over the next decade

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