Friday, December 11, 2009

Eihwaz Rune

Eihwaz Rune Cover Eihwaz means yew. It's a sacred tree in Runic Magical Tradition and its wood was used to make arrows. It's connected to the God of hunt Ull, whose sacred weapon was the bow. Yew was used to make poison that arrow-heads were tipped in, seeing how this tree's sap is poisonous. However, yew was also used in shamanic practices. Namely, during the summer, the great heat would cause the trees to exude a psychoactive substance. Practitioners would then meditate under that tree and use those natural fumes for shamanic journeys. Naturally, this practice was not recommended if the shaman who practised it was not completely prepared and trained. Eihwaz also signifies Yggdrasil as the tree Odin sacrificed Himself to Himself. This event manifests itself on the mental plain as a symbolic death of the adept, that is his old Self. However we consider Eihwaz, it will carry in itself death and Transformation from one state into another. This is the Rune of facing oneself, the symbolic descent into the underground kingdom of Hel.


Positive meaning: transformation in a positive way, facing onself, change.

Negative meaning: weakness, destruction, inability to overcome oneself.

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