Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sowilo Rune

Sowilo Rune Cover Sowilo is the symbol of the Sun as the giver of life, a heavenly body revered in all cultures and civilizations. Julius Caesar noticed that Germanic tribes gave great significance to the heavenly torches, i.e. the Sun and the Moon. As a symbol of Sun and light, Sowilo is Connected to Baldur, the God of divine and eminent purity, beauty and light in general. This Rune is also considered to be the primordial fire that Together With the cosmic ice caused the creation of the Universe. The strong energetic charge of the Rune enables using Sowilo as an amplifier of our energetic potential, which is especially useful when we're lacking in energy. The Sun is the dynamic, life principle that moves and directs us to great deeds. Like Wunjo, Sowilo represents the positive ending of a spiritual journey that can bring with it success and glory. The Sun is also the symbol of light, so Sowilo can also mean knowing oneself.


Positive meaning: success, victory, rise of energetic potential, activity, health.

Negative meaning: fake goals, fake successes, blind activity.

This is the end of the second aett. The third and last group belongs to Tyr, the Germanic God of war.

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