Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God Bragi

God Bragi Cover Bragi is the God of Poetry and eloquence. The first maker of poetry, he is known for his exceptional beard as well. He is the husband of Idunna and can be counted on for poetic inspiration. From him comes the rite of Bragi's cup, where those performing the rite take turns to speak proudly of their accomplishments. We get the word bragging from this, but the Old Norse did not seem to necessarily see o'erweening ego in this practice. It seemed more their point of view that a person should be able to be honest in all things, to speak poorly of him or herself when deserved and to speak well of him or herself when deserved. False modesty seems to be looked at more as a form of hypocrisy and lying, as well as denoting a weak ego that needs a Certain kind of feeding.

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