Friday, November 20, 2009

Jera Rune

Jera Rune Cover This Rune is connected with a fertile year or season, that is the period that can be in any way considered successful. The very concept of a fertile year or season is very important in insecure and unstable regions of Northern Europe. Moreover, a fertile year is of vital importance for its residents. Fertility can be viewed as a psychological state as well as a physical one. As a state of consciousness Jera signifies the beginning oh psychological progress that follows the state of stagnation (Isa). It is the beginning of spring that comes after winter and the lushness of life that was until recently blanketed with snow. Jera is also the reaping time, during which we collect the fruits of our own labours. It's also connected to the year's cycles – Sabaths, and any other type of cycle. Some Authors connect Jera to Karma, the laws of which always reward the ones who make an effort and punish the ones whose actions cause destruction and regression.


Positive meaning: time of peace and prosperity, gathering the fruits of one's labour, progress.

Negative meaning: bad timing, regression, punishment.

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