Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goddess Bertha

Goddess Bertha Cover Bertha: The White Lady, a birch goddess. (For more on the nature of birch Goddesses see the section on runes, under Berkana.) She is supposed to dwell in a hollow mountain, and the souls of unborn Children were in her keeping. She is patron of spinning and every Yule she went to every house where this art was practiced. Good spinners were rewarded with the goddess' own flax, but bad spinners, or those who failed to honor the goddess by eating enough of the right cakes at Yule were punished by her. She was also supposed to travel the world during Yule, followed sometimes by the dead or the souls of the unborn children and Tradition credits her with leaving gifts for good children and with either leaving birch twigs to punish the bad ones or to take them away with her in a sack.

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