Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beautiful And Unique Rune Sets

Beautiful And Unique Rune Sets Image
Visit Magin's on-line shop to view her selection of clay and wood rune sets. Unlike many mass produced rune sets available, these runes are hand made and each rune is individually empowered using traditional rune craft and shamanic techniques.

In ancient times runes were used for divination and magic (INCLUDING HEALING), their energy being raised through carving their shapes and with the power of the voice. Rune practitioners were also skilled in the art of '"faring forth"' - journeying between the worlds or working over long distances to bring good (OR ILL) fortune. Modern practitioners continue these traditions and have also developed new techniques for working with the runes including the uses of incenses, body posture, crystals and spirit guides to enhance their divinatory, magical and healing skills.

In 2011 our level 1 RuneCrafting programme will be completed, offering courses in rune casting, rune making, rune crafting, Journeys with the Elder Futhark, and space balancing and protection techniques. The level 1 RuneCrafting programme will provide the foundation for more advanced, exploratory work with the runes - courses, groups and workshops at level 2 will start to appear over 2011/12. All the courses available on our RuneCrafting pages at present are componenents of the level 1 programme.


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