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Essential Asatru Walking The Path Of Norse Paganism

Essential Asatru Walking The Path Of Norse Paganism Cover

Book: Essential Asatru Walking The Path Of Norse Paganism by Diana Paxson

Firstly, I wish this book came out years ago when I was looking around on 'Bambi-legs' for accesible intro material. Essentail Asatru serves as a very thorough introductory text. What especially impresses me is the 'airtime' Ms. Paxson gives to the history of Heathenry; and the explanations of different traditions exsisting under the banner of 'Heathenry'.

In addition to explaining the basic facts about Asatru, Ms. Paxson also guides the reader through a 'sumble' (an important Heathen ritual), as if we were an invited guest at the homestead of 'Raven Banner Kindred'. She also takes the time to expain proper ritual etiquette; and includes a comprehensive list of public Heathen organisations one may contact.

The book is both friendly and informative. Even if one is practicing solo, one really feels the connection to the greather Heathen community after reading this book. If you are new to Heathenry: read this book! If you are an experienced member of the Heathen community -pass this book onto others! A great learning and teaching tool!

Essential Asatru is indeed a different way of looking at Asatru. It does it from a practical standpoint with examples presented as you would find it happening within a group. This gives life and clarity to the theoretical presentations. in most books there is a stace which appears to be "This is what you should do and how we justify it". Not a problem of itself but it lacks the clarity that an example or demonstration provide. Here the talents of Diana Paxson fantasy writer, connects with the experience of the long time leader of the Troth and produce a work which gives clarity to a lot of areas of confusion and shows what a functioning kindred would look like.

It becomes clear from this that this is not simply a religion for magic users (although thy will have a place here too), but a relgion of the whole community, with students, housewives and many others represented.

THis book does present just one face of Asatru (though it does point the way to other references and organizations), but it is my feeling that it is the most common and most accessable face. If you want a more expansive introduction it is out there, but this will give the most clearest description and the one that will most likely allow someone to start their own kindred.

There are a few problems, including the fact that some of her contacts are out of date. This is not the most rigorously historically accurate book out there, but if you want a book tht will explain what Asatru is all about it is HIGHLY reccommended.

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