Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Ancient Fires Of Midgard

The Ancient Fires Of Midgard Cover

Book: The Ancient Fires Of Midgard by Andrea Haugen

I have always felt different from the crowd. I thought much more about life than others my age did. I had deep emotions, intense dreams, visions and magical experiences, I felt very connected to animals, had a great interest in ancient cultures, and I loved gloomy and gothic images. I was intensely drawn to ‘creatures of the night’ like vampires and werewolves (who really are merely symbols of our natural instincts), supernatural tales etc.

I connected with different witch- and magical organisations (and the early Neo-Folk music movement, whose occult outlook inspired me a great deal…) and truly started to work with my inner self. With it I got really interested in the myths and mysteries of my ancestors. I think it is really important to know and understand our own culture and why we practise our local customs. I wanted people to understand why we celebrate Christmas and Easter, what our traditions originally were about. This is why I wrote this book. I try to interpretate the spirituality of Northern Europe - the myths, folklore, superstitions, natural wisdom and magical traditions. In my very own way.

But even though this book focuses on the myths and traditions of Northern Europe, many chapters discuss life’s mysteries, magical practise, goddess worship and my thoughts on human nature in general. After all I am inspired by the mysteries of life... and particularly the lunar side of life in general... Please keep this in mind. Even though I know a lot about the old Germanic traditions I am not a representative for the Germanic religion. I consider myself to be more of an ‘universal’ pagan or witch. I am a seeker, an artist who has experienced many strange things in her life. And what I want most of all with my music, art and writings is that people free their minds and think for themselves. More and more people become free thinking individuals and show respect for the earth, for animals and search for life’s mysteries. And I really hope this is a true step in the right direction and not just a fashion. Life as a journey, with new possibilities and also many obstacles... there are always new beginnings in life...

I hope this book will inspire you. To really understand the Pagan way of thinking you have to look inside yourself. Let your inner voice be your guide. (Andrea Haugen)

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