Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valknut Viking Symbol Of Three Interlocking Triangles

Valknut Viking Symbol Of Three Interlocking Triangles Image
Two main formations of Valknut can be seen in History : either as Borromean (to the right below), or unicursal (to the left below). Each one can be seen in stone artwork, historic documents or even on old norse weapons.

The Valknut unicursal symbol as can be seen below is very unique in that it entwines the three triangles in such a way that it is very similar to a symbol of infinity. Whereas the borromean Valknut symbol to the right shows three separate, but still connected triangles showing what appears to be a bond on three levels.

The Valknut is a powerful old Norse viking occult symbol represented by the three interlocking triangles. In many images it can be seen as a representation of Odin and the afterlife. While the exact meaning of VALKNUT is unsure, however it is believed and indicated to symbolise the connectedness of the nine worlds represented in the vikings world.

Another belief for the Valknut symbol meaning was as a aid for reincarnation, cyclical relationships and in talismans to ward against evil.

"Above - Odin with Sleipnir - Valknuts seen beneath the horse. "

The Valknut symbol modernly can be seen in many artworks around the world, in tattoos and jewelry. To me the Valknut is one of the most powerful viking symbols. Its design is so unique, its look appealing and its meaning to me looks to represent a certain type of connectivity of everything, infinity and immortality.

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