Monday, November 24, 2008

The Odinist Anthology Selection From The Runestone

The Odinist Anthology Selection From The Runestone Cover

Book: The Odinist Anthology Selection From The Runestone by Asatru Free Assembly

This anthology represents some of the contents of THE Runestone over a span of more than ten Years, from issue number two almost to the Present. During this decade-long his tory of publication, THE RUNESTONE and the organization which 1 t represents underwent a mu1 t i tude of changes, becoming more so~histicated, broader in perspective, and more polished in Presentation with the Passage of time, Hopefully the reader will be able to trace this evolution.

This collections designed to Provide the Person new to Odinisml, or Asatru, with something beyond the single leaflets which may have been his or her introduction to the religion. It is by vo means comprehensive, but it will give the student of Asatru a wealth of information which will make it easier to Proceed on to other sources of greater depth and comlexity. In this respect It fills a gap which has long been an irritant to new asatruarar.

The Articles have been edited for gramnotical and typogra~hical errors, and in some cases they have been "tightened upn by deletion of irrelevancies, but the flavor of the original has been kept - blemishes and all. Our beginnings were humle, to say the least, and the first funbling atteists to Present our world-view seem a little pitiable from today's standpoint, But every venture has to begin somewhere, and we have come a long, long way from those early attemts to put thoughts to Paper, This slim volume is presented in the firm belief that gut- Jgurney has barely begun, and that THE RUNESTONE and the Asatru Free Assembly will attain heights which today cannot even be seen because of the clouds which obscure the summit of acconlishment.

I would like to thank the Authors of these selections for their support, along with Prudence, Maddy, and Ariel. I t couldn't have been done without them. (Stephen A. McNallen
Denaic California)

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