Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Asatru As A Modern Romantic Movement

Asatru As A Modern Romantic Movement Cover Asatru also has a strong romantic aspect to it. There are many who elevate the culture of the past, the Symbolism of the Vikings or patterns of past agricultural lifestyles as paradigms to copy and re-Experience. Many of the aesthetic practices developed throughout the generations are recreated and made relevant to today.

Whether recreating the folklore of the past, Practicing the crafts of our ancestors, or recreating the dress and manner of our ancestors the common thread is romanticizing of that past culture and art. Although its easy to downplay the importance of these activities, they can be strong identity-developing undertakings which emphasize our unique cultural past and make it a guide for tomorrow. These activities sanctify our culture and religion and make us separate from those who don’t value them in the same way that we do. These activities raise our culture, art and folkways from the mundane to the spiritual.

Books in PDF format to read:

Tommie Eriksson - Tree Cults In Northern Magic
Reeves Hall - Asatru In Brief
Miac - Asatru And Odinism
Max Heindel - Ancient And Modern Initiation