Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nordic Soul Lore And Teutonic Psychology

Nordic Soul Lore And Teutonic Psychology Cover

Book: Nordic Soul Lore And Teutonic Psychology by Anonymous

There are many parts of the soul in Nordic Mythology. The lyke [lik ON, lic(h) OE] is the physical body itself. The hyde [hamron] is the quasi-physical part of the soul which gives shape and form tothe lyke. It can be formed and mutated by human will and what happens to the hyde happens to the lyke. It is often called the spiritual appearance.The athem [ond ON, aethm OE] is the breath of life: the vital force of life born in the breath. It is the animating principle. The hugh, or hidge[hugr ON, hyge OE] is the "mind": the cognitive part of the soul. It analyzes and computes linguistic or mathematical data. In modern psychology it is termed the left side of the brain. Myne [minni ON, mynd OE] means "memory": the personal and transpersonal memory. It uses images, shapes and dimensions to store and work with the mind's own contents. It is Jung's storehouse of archetypes. Termed the right side of the brain. The wode, or wode-self [odhr ON, wod OE] is the part of the soul-body which corresponds to mood, inspiration, fury, enthusiasm, intoxication, heart.

This is the magickal faculty by which the contents and activities of the hugh and myne are synthesized.

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