Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Magic And Wyrd

Magic And Wyrd Cover

Book: Magic And Wyrd by Anonymous

Wyrd is the underlying fabric in the Northern/Germanic cosmology. The laws of Wyrd supercede the will of the Gods, of men and all creatures. Wyrd provides the basic structure for the Nine Worlds, and manifests itself in Yggdrasil and the Well of Urdr.

One can compare Wyrd to a song, there are many differnt ways to sing it but the basic tune remains the same. Wyrd is also Frequently seen as weaving, different threads coming Together on a framework to make a pattern.

Magic is one of the ways we interact with Wyrd. "Knowing" magic (in Manny Olds' words) or "predictive" magic (Groa's) is about becoming aware of the patterns in Wyrd and the disposal of individual strands in the tapestry. Spae-work and Rune-work are two of the Techniques which can be used for this.

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