Saturday, March 3, 2007

Worship Of God Vali

Worship Of God Vali Cover Vali is God of eternal light, just as Vidar of imperishable matter; and as beams of light were often called arrows, he is always represented and worshiped as an archer. For that reason his month in Norwegian calendars is designated by the sign of the bow, and is called Lios-beri, the light-bringing. As it falls between the middle of January and of February, the early Christians dedicated this month to St. Valentine, who was also a skillful archer, and was said, like Vali, to be the harbinger of brighter days, the awakener of tender sentiments, and the patron of all lovers.

Vali, as told in the Skaldskaparmal, is the "son of Odin and Rind, stepson of Frigg, brother of the ?sir, Baldr's avenging As, enemy of Hod and his slayer, father's homestead-inhabiter." We also learn that Vali is among the twelve ?sir seated as judges at ?gir's banquet. He is not only seen as a God of vengeance, but truly one of the ?sir, seated with the others at table and drink. He is referenced for his courage and his accuracy with the bow, and is one of the inheritors of Asgard after Ragnarok.

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