Friday, March 23, 2007

Asatru As An Ethnicity

Asatru As An Ethnicity Cover For some, Asatru has come to take on an entire ethnic identity. We have come to see ourselves as a unique ethnic/national element in the world like many other ethnicities. This identity is based on a number of common identity factors such as common religion, societal values and ideals, common Historical origins, descent, mythology, folklore and literature, common language, cultural Symbolism and conceptual encoding. These things provide a Powerful and unique identity among Asatru’s followers. As a product of these commonalities a growing sense of people-hood has arisen among many Asatruar. This is the essence of Folkish Asatru. Among Folkish Asatruar, this is seen not only as empirically obvious, but an ideal which is to be promoted. To Folkish Asatruar, their ethnicity is deeply tied to belongingness based on religion, culture and ancestry.

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