Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rune Meditation

Rune Meditation Image
One form of meditation I would like to share is a form I like to call Rune Meditation. Similar to other meditations it involves focusing on breath, sitting upright with the added difference of using the runes once the mind has been quietened.

The use of runes is different to many forms of magic, they are tools of the mind and spirit and allow us deeper communications and meanings beyond what we see. In a way they are a way of us communicating better with our inner self or spiritual self.

Meditation is one way of initiating this form of communication.


In order to practice Rune Meditation firstly find a quiet place where each day you can meditate for more than 15 to 20 minutes, free from stress and daily thoughts. Then make a comfortable spot in which you can sit for longer than 15 to 20 minutes sitting upright..

Spend that time meditating for at least 20 minutes like I say, do this by relaxing and focusing on a relaxed breathing pattern. Do not force your breathing instead take steady long relaxing breaths that are comfortable with you..

Consciously as this happens slowly allow your body to fall deeper and deeper into relaxation until you are in a more quietened state of being. In another word a meditated mind.. When in this state pick one rune at random without looking from the rune bag in front of you until you find the rune that feels right. Select it and then take from the bag or from where the runes are located in front of you.

After picking relax and go further into the meditation while also focusing the mind on the rune in hand. While holding let yourself go deeper into meditation and allow images or visions to flow that may be caused by the rune, in another way allow the rune to con-veil messages to you about your spiritual path. This maybe in the form of images or visions, meaning of the rune chosen on your path to self discovery. It may be a premonition, it maybe about change, it maybe good news or bad, each meaning and interpretation is a inner viewing of your path in a way to your spiritual self.